About Self Education Tool Kit

This is a site to help those who are on a path of:

  • Do it Your Self Education
  • Developing Self Reliance
  • Cultivating your Self

It shows a journey of my own learning around self education and offers my findings and explorations to you as a gift. Browse through it and see if anything is useful for you.

It is not a finished product. This site is in movement, I want it to grow as I learn further and as other people contribute to it.

It is for everyone :

  • Mainstream students who want to complement their studies
  • People who are creating alternatives to university degrees
  • Anyone who wants to learn about something or who is just curious!
  • Whatever you want to study, there should be something on here, somewhere (From astrophysics to building a house!)

It is born out of many ideas around education, including:

  • There are so many ways to learn and its about carving out our own path and creating the one that is right for you, me or us.
  • That the goal of education is for each person to become more fully his or her Self and in doing so contribute to creating a healthy society and world in their own unique way.
  • We are always learning – every day of our lives, everywhere that we are. How conscious do we want it to be? Do we want to be sitting in the driver’s seat of our own learning?
  • That we don’t have to wait until you have time to ‘learn’, we are learning and we can start a more conscious learning path NOW!
  • That a qualification is not based upon how many tests and exams you pass or the pieces of paper you can show but on the quality of who you are.

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