Useful Online Tools

Twitter: Twitter was voted the number one learning tool in 2010. It took me a little while to figure out why but I’m beginning to get it. Make sure you follow a lot of organisations and people you are interested in. You can also follow particular themes.
Google docs: Allows you to create and share documents online
Google SketchUp: Lets you sketch in 3D
Evernote: Allows you to take notes, bookmark and organise
Issuu: Allows you to publish your PDFs in an easy read format
Remember the Milk: An online to-do list
Wordle: Makes word clouds out of text or website you provide
Wikispaces: An easy to use wiki service
Delicious: Shows the most popular bookmarks on the web
Litski: “Lets you find, make and share lists of stuff you care about.” Online brainstorming program
Dropbox: For storing and sharing very large files Free font downloads
Idea Search: Type your idea in and swap it

Good Online Learning Tool Lists
C4LPT: Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010
Accredited Online College Blog: A very useful list of a 100 Web tools


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