Stuff I like…

Of course I love a lot of the stuff that I put on this site and that’s why it’s on here! However, there are some things that are more specific to my interests that I have listed here,  just in case you happen to like it too!

My Reading Lists

Societal Health


Transforming Capitalism 2.0 – 3.0 “A growing resource of living examples, research, and interviews with pioneers of the green-regenerative economy.”

The Mesh Directory: Lisa Gansky’s directory of the Mesh (Businesses that Share), this is a comprehensive listing of  many amazing, creative and sharing businesses and projects.

On the Commons: “Since 2001, On the Commons has sparked collaborations, showcased commons-based solutions at the community and national level, developed approaches of how to share our commons equitably and given inspiration to commons activists to make a difference in their communities— and the world. As a commons movement strategy center, we connect organizations, community leaders and individuals with new ideas, practical solutions and one another to create significant change.”

Think OutWord: “Think OutWord is a peer-led training in Social Threefolding for young adults with little money and busy lives. Think OutWord is an incubator for new social ideas and related practical action – participants design and host seminars, offer presentations, lead workshops, and create new initiatives. “They have a great list of resources on their website.

Barefoot Guide: A guide to “working with organisations and social change”

Otto Scharmer’s Publications “Dr. C. Otto Scharmer is a Senior Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the founding chair of the Presencing Institute. He has co-designed and delivered award-winning leadership programs for clients.” This website is filled with insightful interviews, papers, executive summaries and videos.

GrooveShark: Listen to music online

Design Ignites Change: “Engages high school students in multidisciplinary design and architecture projects that address pressing social issues.”

Other Reading:

Sustainable Selves: Jayne Bryant, Singer Songwriter Storyteller Sustainablist and a very inspiring and dear friend of mine, co-wrote a masters thesis with Jenny Lind and Zaida Barcena as part of the Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability Program in Sweden. “This thesis states our opinion that this shift of paradigm within individuals is the core driver to reach a sustainable society. The research undertaken in this study is around exploring the ways in which individuals can enter and engage in long term transformational change and  become effective social
change agents.”


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